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NET WT. 1LB 16oz (453g)

Heat those tyres and your freedom-machine up, with our indestructible blend of premium Arabica and Robusta beans, which have been carefully selected to give you an extreme caffeine experience without the bitterness.

With intense aromas of a dark roast including tastes of dark Chocolate from the Guatemala, some caramel sweetness from the Colombia and finally, the spicy smokiness of coriander and cinnamon provided by the Robusta, this heavy-bodied blend packs the caffeine punch without sacrificing the flavour.

So, whether it’s to curb-stomp your day or kick-start for a whole new adventure, this small-batch roast blend is what you’ve been searching for. An extraordinary tasting, strong coffee that hits hard.

It’s time to Harden Up and Hammer Down.

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  • Dark Roast Profile
  • Strong Intensity
  • Roasted Nutty and Coca taste notes
  • Heavy Body
  • 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

Blend – Brazil, Guatemala and Indian